Participation of Chinese delegations in the TIGGRE – Ellie Cup

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Two delegations from China were expected to come to our international event.

A first delegation of 15 people, coming from Suzhou, have cancelled their travel by decision of the Chinese authorities, in relation with the coronavirus epidemy. It is a pity that this group cannot come, as we recently signed a convention of exchange between our two cities and several kids were expected to play, for the first time, in the TIGGRE – Ellie Cup.

A second delegation is composed of 22 members, mainly coming from the North of China (Beijing region). They travel independently of each other.16 people of this delegation have already arrived in Europe a few days ago and do not present any sign of infection. Li Ting, of the European Go Federation, is in contact with all the members of this delegation, the ones who are already in Europe and the others who are still in China: none of them had any contact with the infectious centre of Wuhan or travelled in that region recently, and they take all the necessary precautions to travel safely.

We are happy to welcome them in the best conditions and we stay careful so that every participant in the TIGGRE – Ellie Cup might enjoy this large international and friendly gathering of go fans.

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