The International de Go Tournament of GREnoble

The Grenoble’s 4th International Go Championship (TIGGRE – Ellie Cup) will be held on the 28-29 january 2023 at the Congress Center WTC. 200 go players of all nationalities, ages and levels are expected to come for this great celebration of the game of go !

Ellie Cup : a must-go rendez-vous for the best players in Europe

The 16 best players registered to the TIGGRE will have the privilege to participate in the Ellie Cup, one of the biggest competitions in Europe, accounting for the European Grand Prix. The Ellie Cup, richely sponsored, was created by Inseong Hwang to help developing go in Europe and contributing to the rise of the go level in Europe.

A plural event


As a prime example of a mind sport game, go carries ancestral values close to olympics, both on an individual and collective perspective. The TIGGRE, as an international tournament, is dedicated to bringing all peoples together within those values.


Born in China thousands of years ago, go also carries cultural and philosophical values, which became universally acclaimed throughout the whole world by its players.


Considered as one of the four “literate arts” in China, Japan and Korea, go has always been a source of inspiration for painters and writters. Recently a manga “Hikaru No Go” brought enthousiasm for the game to thousands of children throughout the world.


This game, with its very simple rules and yet tremendously hardous strategy, is an excellent model for research in the field of artificial intelligence, as we saw with Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo.


The TIGGRE is one of the few international tournaments to associate both children and adults in a single competition. For the children who were taught Go in primary schools, it is a unique opportunity to meet with the greatest European players.


The game of go develops many qualities : logic, focus, flexibility, respect, anticipation, creativity, intuition, socialisation, self-control and open-mindedness. The TIGGRE – Ellie Cup and its side events are dedicated to bring in the spotlight those educational qualities and the work that has been done for years by the Grenoble Go Club to teach go to the youth.