Inseong Hwang – Yunguseng Dojang

Online Go Teacher and School

Very famous online Go teacher in Europe and America mainly with the Yunguseng Dojang. School which is aimed at all levels from 15k to 6d and where each student is monitored alongside a league by level.
Inseong has been based in the Grenoble region for a few years and subsidizes the prices of the top group (Ellie cup, named after her daughter).

He also offers us his expertise and will comment on the games broadcast

Thanks !


Grenoble urban community

The metropolis has supported us and subsidized for this event with local, national and international influence since the beginning of this event.


City of Grenoble


The city of Grenoble supports us in our actions, including this tournament, and we work alongside it in the extracurricular activities of a few schools.



Département de l’Isère

The department accompanies us and subsidizes for this event with local, national, and international influence since the beginning of this event.



French Go Federation

Actor of the development of the go on a national scale, the FFG subsidizes us for the realization of this international tournament!



European Go federation

As a player in the development of go on a European scale, the EGF helps us and makes its twitch channel available for the realization of this international tournament! It also gives us bonus-point tournament level C (click for more info)


Jeux du monde

Go and board game specialist

Main seller and go game specialist in France (in Europe? :D) Jeux du monde has been with us for many long and wonderful years and will have a stand on the TIGGRE.
A few small prizes from them will also be offered



construction economics

Local entreprise in the construction industry and expert in construction

ARCEA has been a generous partner and donor to the club for 3 years.


Camille Lévêque – Stoned on the goban

Player and Illustrator

Camille draws constantly and increases the number of illustrations in our game day after day. A player based in Grenoble, she contributes to local development and will be present on a stand on site with her shop of goodies and textiles. It also offers prizes for participants


Jardin du thé

Tea Specialist

Partner of the club for years, garden tea accompanies us on all our events with a proposal of tea of the moment at the bar and some small batches!


Awesome Baduk

Online Go School

Very young online Go school (with Cho Yeonwoo 2p, Youngsun Yoon 8p and Rasmus Buchmann at web dev) There is video content available for all levels and a great community.
Awesome Baduk offers us 5 vouchers of 2 months for our tournament!


l’Echiquier Grenoblois ~ Aligre (Paris) and Lyon Go club

Chess and go clubs

Grenoble Go club maintains really strong links with these associations who are main actors in their area.
They lend us some clock so all players can play in the best conditions.