Message to participants

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Message to participants

Only one more week before arriving – finally – at our international tournament!
We flirt with the hundred registrations for the TIGGRE – Ellie Cup and we hope to make it a great friendly event with you!

Well, just to remind you first of all, but the vaccination pass will be compulsory.
The vaccination pass comes into effect from Monday, January 23rd. The WTC which will host our go activities is an ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public), the vaccination pass will therefore be compulsory. The rest of the instructions, you can consult them here: (I won’t detail them because you know how it works now…)

Well, you probably have a lot of info because it’s all on the event website buuuuuut, we’ll still make you remember a few things starting with the schedule for the weekend of January 29-30:


Attention: players pre-registered online must confirm their registration before 10:15 a.m., otherwise they will not be able to play the first round.

Saturday January 29

9:30 a.m.Beginning of registration
10:15 a.m.End of registration
Opening Ceremony
10:30 a.m.First round
2 p.m.Second round
5:00 p.m.Third round
Having dinnerpav san

Sunday January 30

9:30 a.m.Fourth round
1 p.m.fifth round
4:30 p.m.Awards
EveningLet’s go to stage go and ski!


Little reminder, see you at WTC 5-7 Pl. Robert Schuman, 38000 Grenoble

If you want to do carpooling, you can add your car here and number of places or add yourself as a passenger in distress who wants to get to Grenoble at all costs: 7fzgcm


Well yes, it’s still the most important ! That’s what we need to win, especially the high prizes of the Ellie cup for the top 16 in the tournament, but also €100 for performances with 5 wins!

And so to play you need rules so I allow myself to recall them:

  • French rule with a komi of 7.5 points
  • Fischer time of 50 minutes then 15 s per additional move
  • The draw will be a Macmahon with top group
  • The classification will be made according to the following criteria: 1. MMS 2.SOS 3.DC
  • If there is still a tie, the prizes will be combined and then they will be shared equally between the tied players.

Good and if there are disputes, you can ask the referee committee: Toru Imamura, Théo Barollet and Loïc Lefebvre.

Enjoy people and baduk!

On site we will have a small bar that will make cakes and sandwiches and where there will be coffee and tea!

There will also be a space to review your games quietly and another space where In-seong Hwang 8d’s comments will be broadcasted. Because two games will be broadcasted on OGS (TiggreEC1 and 2 accounts) and In-seong will comment them on the EGF Twitch ( )

We’ll meet at Pav San on Saturday evening, let us know if you come so we can warn the restaurant!
Please answer this short survey:

Sleep well

What, you still don’t know where you’re going to sleep?!
Go look at our page on this subject and book with our partners or airbnb!

Well the only thing missing is you now, we are waiting for you with a whole team of amazing volunteers =)


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