Artificial intelligence and game of go conference – With Fan Hui and Vincent Le Cerf

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In parrallel to the weekend Go tournament TIGGRE-ELLIE CUP, Grenoble Go Club invites you to see the documentary movie « Alphago » (English, with French subtitles), on Friday October 12th at 6pm, at Grenoble Office du Tourisme. Following the movie there will be a Question & Answers session in the presence of Fan Hui and the specialist in Artificial Intelligence Vincent Le Cerf.

The movie Alphago :

Released on Netflix in 2017, Alphago tells the story of the famous algorithm which impressed millions of people and amongst them every Go players. From Cambridge Halls until the really famous defeat of Go champion Lee Sedol, the filming team followed the ingeneers and Fan Hui (AlphaGo first Go professional opponent) and shows their thoughts and struggles. It is a fascinating movie that shows the faces revolving around «Alphago».

Fan Hui :

This Chinese Go Professionnal came to live in France years ago. Fan Hui did a lot for Go in France : he teached numerous people, he is the initiator of the French Youth Go Team, and is the author of several books on Go (L’Âme du go. Les formes et leur esthétique, Le go pas à pas, …). Depuis 2015, he helps Google-DeepMind to enhance the Artificial Intelligence Alphago program.

Vincent Le Cerf :

“Founder of the software company Metagenia, and a contractor in Software Engineering technologies formations, he has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. He is interrested in the evolution of computing technologies an their impact on the different activity sectors, as well as the mutation of their usage. He is an APM Expert in Artificial Intelligence. He teaches in Engineer schools, where he can teach and meet tomorrow’s actors.”

We hope you will be many to join us for the movie and to come discuss and exchange around the AI theme with our two guests !

« Alphago » (English, with French subtitles) : links to the website presenting the Alphago documentary

Date: Friday October 12th, 6pm, at the Maison du tourisme, 14 rue de la République.

Tramways A and B stop: Hubert Dubedout

(Limited seats: 174 places. Come early.)

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