TIGGRE – Ellie Cup first edition: 2017

The TIGGRE – Ellie Cup international tournament started in 2017, on the occasion of the EYGC (European Youth Go Championship). This tournament gathered together 84 participants, among whom some of the strongest European players. Supported by Inseong Hwang, it took place at the IUT Génie Thermique, boulevard Gambetta, in parallel of the EYGC, thus allowing the youth to meet with the European champions. Many high-level games have been commented by two professional go players present: Hayashi Senseï, coming from Japan and Catalin Taranu, from Roumania, together with the very strong Korean amateur player Inseong Hwang, sponsor of the Ellie Cup. Chimin Oh, also a very strong Korean amateur player, won the Ellie Cup, ahead of two European professional players: Ilya Shikshin from Russia and Mateusz Surma from Poland.

Prize giving of the TIGGRE – Ellie Cup 2017
From left to right : Inseong Hwang, Ilya Shikshin, Mateusz Surma, Chimin Oh, Olivier Véran (Isère deputee), Yumi Hotta, Maître Hayashi

Second edition: 2018