A SEYGO event

In parallel to the TIGGRE – Ellie Cup, the best European young players will also be able to compete for the first phase of the SEYGO Tour 2020, in each of the categories U20, U16 and U12, and to win points and prizes. See more information on the SEYGO Tour here.

Prizes to be won in each category:

  • First prize: 200 €
  • Second prize: 150 €
  • Third prize: 100 €
  • Fourth prize: 50 €

The prizes are given in the form of vouchers. Vouchers can be used to:

  • cover accommodation and meals costs at future SEYGO events
  • cover accommodation and meals costs at the EYGC (European Youth Go Championship)
  • cover EGF Academy fees
  • cover JIGS (Jena International Go School) costs
  • cover costs of go camps collocated with SEYGO events
  • access teaching from European professional players
Young Europeans at the EYGC 2017 in Grenoble (C) Olivier Dulac