Rules and prizes

Go rules

  • French rules (very similar to AGA rules)
  • 7.5 komi
  • 1h main time + byo yomi (3*30s)

Tournaments rules & prizes

Ellie Cup

The top 32 players participating in the Ellie Cup will be selected along their rating on the EGF scale. Players with no EGF rating will be evaluated on their internet rating. The list of the 32 players playing in the Ellie Cup will be known on 1st October 8th of October.

The top 32 Ellie Cup players will play 5 rounds, starting with the same MMS in the 16th of final (Saturday morning).

The drawing will be made at the beginning of the 16th of final, with the first 16 players seeded, and the next 16 drawn by random. Because of the big difference of rank between these 32 players, the drawing will be done using split and slip.

The players who lose a game join the TIGGRE tournament.

The Ellie Cup selected players will compete for the “Ellie Cup Champion” title and for money prizes. The amount of the money offered will be different whether they are European (meaning with a nationality recognised by the EGF) or non-European, as follows :

  • The “Ellie Cup Champion” title
  • 1st European prize 1000 €
  • 2nd European prize 500 €
  • 3rd European prize 300 €
  • 4th European prize 200 €
  • 1st Non European prize 500 €
  • 2nd Non European prize 200 €

Only the top 16 players at the end of the competition will be entitled to receive these prizes.


The other players will play 4 rounds with classic MacMahon rating.

At the end of the competition, players will be ranked by MMS, SOS and SOSOS, including the players from the Ellie Cup who rejoined the TIGGRE.

The top TIGGRE players starts with -2 MMS from the Ellie Cup players.

Prizes will be distributed depending on the results. Prize for 4-victories players: 100 euros.


  • The organisers and players will follow the EGF General tournament rules.
  • Using go software and tools is forbidden during the games. Only go recording tools are allowed if both players explicitly agree.