Inseong HWANG

Inseong Hwang is the creator of the Ellie Cup, TIGGRE’s Top Group : This Cup system allows the best players in Europe to meet each other in an extremely high level competition, and distributes big prizes to the winners : Inseong’s dotation for the Cup top players is 2700 €, the prize attributed to the best European player at the end of the tournament is of 1000 €.

Inseong Hwang started as an « inseï » (yunguseng) in Korea at the age of 13. He came to live in Europe 10 years ago, and he still is the stronger player on the European Go Ladder. He teaches Go via Internet in his famous Go Academy « Yunguseng Dojang », which has 2 geographic zones: Europe, and the United States. He first lived in Germany, then in Switzerland, and since 6 years he lives in Crolles, a little town next to Grenoble. He is also hired by the French Go Federation (FFG) as their official teacher. He also teaches Go in Grenoble Go School, where he has around ten young students. He also helps Grenoble Go club in a lot of Go workshops and events.

Inseong’s interview

Grenoble Go Club : Inseong, where does the name Ellie Cup comes from?

Ellie is the name of our daughter, born in 2016. She is fascinated by Go stones !

GGC : What is the idea behind this Cup ?

I live in Europe since ten years, and I wanted to thank the European Go players for what they brought me : this Cup should encourage younger players to prorgess and reach the highest levels, and maybe even become professionals.

CGG : Helping the strong players, is it a good way to develop Go in Europe ?

Yes, it is necessary to have strong players to act as models, and in turn teach other and share their knowledge. We have to help the young European Go professionals so that they can make a living with Go.